Bing Gao

Elite Players

Player History/ Teams:

- Eastern FC 2014- present (Hong Kong)

- South China FC 2012-2014 (Hong Kong)

- Sun Hei FC 2010-2012 (Hong Kong)

- Winthrop University - 2008-2010 (US)

- St.Johns University 2006-2008 (US)

- CS Azzurri 2004-2006

- Crawley Town FC (England) 2003-2004

- CS Azzurri 2002-2003

- Woodbridge Strikers 1999-2002

- North Scarborough SC 1996-1999





Favorite players:

- Zidane

- Xavi

- Modric


Why is Soccer your favorite sport:

"A sport that my father loved playing, so I was expose to the game on a daily basis. Also it is a game that you need all 11 of your teammates to help in order to do well and there is always something to learn."


Michael Luk

Playing History/ Teams:

- Seneca College Men Soccer Team Sting 1999-2002

- York Region Shooters (CPSL) 2001-2002





Favorite Players:

-Andrés Iniesta (Spain)


Why is soccer your favorite sport:

"Enjoy the sport, working as a team and building friendships".


Danny Nguyen

Playing History/ Teams:

-Caledon FC (current)

-Universe FC (2011-2013)

-ACU Jaguars (2010)

-Ontario Vietnamese Soccer League (OVSL) League Cup Champions 2010

-Ontario Vietnamese Soccer League (OVSL) Champions 2008 & 2009

-Erin Mills Eagles Ontario Cup Champions in 2006

-Wilmington University New Castle, DE (2009-2011) NCAA Division II (Soccer Scholarship)

-Genesee Community College Batavia, NY (2006-2008) NJCAA Division III (Soccer Scholarship)

-Toronto Lynx (2009-2010)





Favorite Players:

Iniesta, Xavi, Messi


Why is soccer your favorite sport:

"My whole life, I enjoy and love playing the sport. It's way to express myself while being competitive at the same time".


Dror David

Playing History/ Teams:

-National Maccabi Soccer Team

- Ulster Thistle 2014-2015

- Aurora Hearts 2007-2014

- University: UOIT Ridgebacks 2012





Favorite Players:

Carlos Puyol, Gerard  Pique, Wayne Rooney.


Why is soccer your favorite sport:

Eric Yung

Player History/ Teams:

-Nipissing University 03/04 - 08/09


Position: Striker/Midfield


Favorite Player: Zidane


Why is soccer your favorite sport:

"Because it's a sport makes you communicate with others and require team work".


Jason Lyn

Player History/ Teams:

-Veneto Lions osl (Current)

- George brown 2004-2006

- Seneca College 2007-2008



-Left wing

-Centre Forward


Favorite players:

- Ronaldo

- Christiano Ronaldo

- Ryan Giggs


Why is soccer my favorite sport:

"It unites players of different shapes sizes and races. Its a beautiful game and anyone can play".


Marcus Lees

Playing History/ Previous Teams:

- University of New Brunswick 2013-2014

- Aurora Hearts OSL 2012-2014

- Georgian College 2013



Attacking midfield, Defensive midfield, Left back, Left wing, Right wing, Striker


Favorite players:

Gareth Bale, Messi, Jermaine Defoe, Ronaldinho and Yaya Toure

Everyone from Everton FC: Ross Barkley, Leighton Bains, Kevin Mirallis, Romelu Lukaku, and Naismith


Why is soccer your favorite sport:

At first it was something to do in my free leisure time. I became good at it and made commitments  to perfect my skills and technique. With this skill set in soccer, it has presented opportunities for me to travel, grow as a whole person in many aspects to life and I have obtained certain luxuries for example a scholarship.

Mathew Phanouvong

Player History/ Teams:

-Seneca 2008-2011

-Universe Fc 2012-2014

-Aurora Hearts 2011-2012

-Acu Jaguars 2009-2012



- Left/ Right Winger


Favorite players:






Why is soccer your favorite sport:

"Because It challenges me to be my best every time I step on the pitch and I play better with a crowd".


Roberto Galle

Player History/ Teams:

-Humber College - 2009-2012

-Toronto Fc Senior Academy (2012)

-Toronto Croatia (CSL) 2013-present



-Right/Left Full Back

-Right/ Left Winger


Favorite Players:

-Andrea Pirlo

- Paolo Maldini

- Roberto Baggio


Why Is Soccer My Favorite  Sport:

"Enjoy Beating Guys like Bobby and Quan".

Samuel Io

Player History/ Teams:

Ryerson University 2012 - present

Unionville strikers CSl 2010-2013


Position: Winger/Striker


Favorite player:



Why I love football:

“Dad started playing it so it got me interested. I fell in love with the sport because of the opportunity to meet new friends in a competitive but fun environment”


Stephen Phanouvong

Player History/ Teams:

-Oakville S.C. (1995-2000)

-Trial w/ Crewe Alexandra of Football League One (2001)

-Oakville Karlovac (2002-2003)

-Seneca College (2003-2004)

-ACU Jaguars (2005-2010)

-Aurora S.C. (2011)

-Universe F.C. (2013)

-BAS F.C. (2014)



-Center Midfield


Favorite Players:

-Zinedine Zidane

-David Beckham

-Paul Scholes


Why is soccer your favorite sport?

“Soccer is my favorite sport because it is has combination of strategy, and individual skill that is set in a team environment.  Players can showcase their individual talents all for the glory of the team”


Damian Marcangelo

Player History/ Teams:

- ANB Soccer Academy (2006-2010)

- Toronto Lynx (2010- 2011)

- Glenshields Sun Devils (2011-2012)

- Aurora Hearts (2012-current)



-Left Back

-Left Winder


Favorite Players:

- Alessandro Del Piero

- Claudio Marchisio

-David Beckham

- Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Why is soccer your favorite sport?

“Started playing at a young age and my love of the game has grown on me ever since. Meeting new people, seeing new places are all things that came out of soccer. I love the feeling of walking onto the pitch each and every time where nothing else matters at that point in time”.


Magnus Leung

Player History/ Teams:

- Professional Soccer Player – Happy Valley AA – 2013/2014

- Professional Soccer Player trial – Wrexham F.C. (Wales, U.K) – 2005

- Professional Soccer Player trial – Everton F.C. (England, U.K) – 2005

- Member of  Canada’s U17 National Soccer Team - 2005/2006

- Member of Ontario’s U-15 & U-17 Provincial Soccer Team - 2004-2006

- Winthrop University Soccer Team - 2007-2010

- St. Bonaventure University Soccer Team - 2006





Favorite Players:

- Zinedine Zidane

- Paul Scholes

- Luka Modric


Why is soccer your favorite sport?

"Soccer is my favourite sport because it allows you to contribute to a team and it's the most popular sport in the world".


Arthur Berlin

Player History/ Teams:

- 2006-2011: Guelph university

- 2006-present ; Aurora hearts, NY hearts, Ulster thistle

- 2013: represented Maccabi Canada in the 19th maccabiah held in Israel every 4 years (bronze medal)



- Right or Left midfield (winger)


Favorite Players:

- Iniesta


Coaching Status:

- DFC academy coach U12 boys.

- Aurora hearts u9


Quan Nguyen

Player History/ Teams:

Dixie SC

Milton SC

Etobicoke SC

Derby FC

Wolfpack FC

OVSL Canada All-Star

ACU Jaguars OSL

Weston Lions OSL





Favorite players:

- Raul,

- Xavi,

- Zidane,

- Maldini


Why is Soccer your favorite sport:

"Competition and the friendships built on and off the pitch"


Ivan Mak

Player History/ Teams:

2014 - Wong Tai Sin (HKFA)

2013-2014 Happy Valley (HKFA)

2012-2013 Wing Yee (HKFA)

2011-2012 Rangers (HKFA)

2011 - Toronto Juventus (OSL)

2010 - Brock University (OUA)

2009 - Vaughan Azzurri (OSL





Favorite players:

- Ronaldinho

- C. Ronaldo


Why is Soccer your favorite sport:

"I grew up playing soccer at school with all my friends. Through those childhood moments, it spurred my love for the game. "


Milad Mohib

Player History/ Teams:

- Aurora Hearts- OSL   2007-2014





Favorite players:

- Suarez

- Gerrard


Why is Soccer your favorite sport:

"I grew up playing and watching soccer with my friends and family. It is the world’s game and anyone can play. No other sport has such passion from its fans and its players. I have learned a lot about myself playing the game. Playing soccer has taught me to be disciplined, determined, and competitive. These are skills that I have used to be successful in school and in my career. "


Carlo D'Emilio

Player History/ Teams:

- Aurora Hearts- OSL   2008-present

- University of Windsor Lancers Varsity 2005-2009





Favorite players:

- Maldini

- Totti


Why is Soccer your favorite sport:

"Because there is no other sport that combines both power with finesse, excitement with discipline and all around athleticism with a fine skill set. The passion and bond that is shared with every soccer player and supporter is unlike that experienced in any other sport. There is nothing better than being a part of a soccer family that practices, plays, sweats and grows together."


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